Power of No Lab Embodied Preview

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Here is what you'll experience:

Psychotherapist & Feminine Leadership & Self-Expression Master Coach Tanya Dantus is offering a 4-Month, in-depth guided journey into the places where we get stuck speaking our truth.

As a part of this Work, Tanya is hosting a Preview Presentation to allow people not familiar with her work to get a taste.

In this valuable Workshop you'll have an opportunity to:

  • Identify where your "Yes" & your "No" live in your body.
  • Befriend resistances in your body to come closer to owning your “empowered No”
  • Begin to shift your experience of boundary setting into a whole new paradigm

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We'll be doing guided visualization, movement, etc, so I encourage you to have room/ space & comfy clothes to move in!

*Recording WILL be sent out to those who don't make it live.

"Do you know how exquisite you are?" ~Christina B.

"I absolutely love the work that you do and how you bring different approaches together.” ~ Participant in Strasbourg, France

"This could go viral!" ~ GD

Presented by

Tanya Dantus, LMFT & Master Coach

June 7, 2021
3:00pm Eastern European Time

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